Mechanical Engineer, Google Cloud | USA

Full Time

Google Cloud

Minimum qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent practical experience.
8 years of experience in Mechanical design and product development tools/processes.
5 years of experience in design for production, sheet metal, and injection molding, electrical interconnect systems, heat extraction and vibration control.
5 years of experience designing electro-mechanical assemblies.

Preferred qualifications:

Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering
10 years of related industry experience.
Ability to perform detailed tolerance loop analysis.
Ability to work on complex problems.
Effective problem-solving skills.
Effective communication skills.

About the job
Our computational challenges are so big and unique we can’t just buy our hardware, we’ve got to make it ourselves. Our Platforms Team designs and builds the hardware, software and networking technologies that power all of Google’s services. As a Mechanical Engineer you design and evaluate our data center systems, identifying product requirements and contributing to research and project planning. From the chip to chiller, you are responsible for designing and optimizing an architecture that will scale with Google’s continued growth.

With your technical expertise, you lead and manage projects, develop product and process improvements, provide consultation to others and help facilitate training and development.Behind everything our users see online is the architecture built by the Technical Infrastructure team to keep it running. From developing and maintaining our data centers to building the next generation of Google platforms, we make Google’s product portfolio possible. We’re proud to be our engineers’ engineers and love voiding warranties by taking things apart so we can rebuild them. We keep our networks up and running, ensuring our users have the best and fastest experience possible.

Manage the entire product design lifecycle, including requirements gathering, concept generation, detailed design with analysis, verification testing, cross-functional reviews, and manufacturing release.
Develop and execute designs for complex systems backed by thorough engineering analysis.
Deliver solutions for systems, influencing and shaping products by providing mechanical engineering insight into the technology roadmap.
Identify and scope projects around innovation opportunities as well as technology risks to provide consultation and facilitate training of team members in areas of expertise.

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